North Dakotans Will See the Largest Average Tax Reduction in the Nation From Trump Cuts

According to an analysis of the Trump tax cuts conducted by the Tax Policy Center – a group backed by the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution – North Dakotans will see the largest average tax reduction in the nation thanks to the Trump tax cuts.

The analysis, “indicates the average tax cut in each state as measured across all filers in that state – those getting a tax cut, those facing a tax increase and those who will see no change at all,” CNN Money reports.

North Dakota tax filers will see an average 10.8 percent – or $2,170 – cut. South Dakota comes in second at a 10.5 percent cut, followed by Alaska at 9.9 percent.

Here’s the map:

This is good news for North Dakota taxpayers.

It probably isn’t good news, politically speaking, for Democratic candidates in North Dakota this election cycle. Chief among them Senator Heidi Heitkamp who actually cast a vote against this tax reform.

She’s facing a tough re-election bid from Congressman Kevin Cramer, and defended her vote against the cuts by suggesting they wouldn’t be beneficial to North Dakotans.

It’s going to be hard for her to square that rhetoric, on the campaign trail, with the reality that the average North Dakota taxpayer is getting back a couple of thousand dollars per year.

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