So The North Dakota House Race Looks Like It's Going To Be A Good Time

In the world of North Dakota politics a red hot contest for the NDGOP’s gubernatorial nomination is sort of sucking all of the oxygen out of the room these days, but there are other races on the ballot.

Like the U.S. House race between incumbent Republican, and increasingly high profile Donald Trump adviser, Kevin Cramer and his Democrat challenger Chase Iron Eyes, who enjoys taking nude photos and deleting his social media postings.

Iron Eyes has been all over Cramer for his support of Trump, but things took a turn to the hilarious today in an article about some energy policy briefs the incumbent prepared for the presidential candidate.

In addition to not being all that prepared for a U.S. House campaign, it seems Iron Eyes isn’t up to speed on his Loony Tunes references either:

Cramer has drawn criticism for his role with the Trump campaign. The campaign of Chase Iron Eyes, a Democrat running for Cramer’s seat this November, released a statement suggesting that making Cramer an energy adviser would be “like like putting Yosemite Sam in charge of a rabbit policy.”

“Neither one of them have a clue what they’re doing,” he said in the statement.

Cramer defended his knowledge of energy policy while pointing out Iron Eyes appears to have confused Yosemite Sam with fellow Looney Tunes character Elmer Fudd.

“It’s ignorant at best,” Cramer said.

I suspect there are going to be a lot of moments of levity like this during this race.

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