Nikko Jenkins in court: ‘Vote for Lee Terry’


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Nikko Jenkins

Convicted killer Nikko Jenkins—the poster boy of this year’s Omaha House race—has now added his two cents to the campaign.

KMTV is reporting that during a courtroom competency hearing today Jenkins blurted out the following:

“Vote Lee Terry guys, greatest Republican ever. He worships my [unintelligible],” Jenkins shouted.

“Vote for Lee Terry. He’s a great guy,” he added.

Four weeks ago Republican Congressman Lee Terry called a news conference to all but blame Democrat Brad Ashford for Jenkins’ killing spree—a slew of pro-Terry TV commercials, featuring Jenkins and Ashford side by side, have claimed the same.

According to Terry, Ashford’s support for the state’s controversial “good time” law paved the way for Jenkins’ early release from prison—once out Jenkins quickly murdered four people.

Team Ashford, backed by the Omaha World-Herald, have called the ads “desperate” accusing Terry of saying anything to keep his “nice house” and $174,000 a year job in Congress.

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