NE Senate race: ‘Wild’ ride or bumpy finish?


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

While most (all?) of the attention in the GOP Senate race is dominated by Shane Osborn and Ben Sasse, Bart McLeay is telling supporters to “join us on the wild ride” to the May 13 primary.

GOP’s Final Four:
Osborn, Sasse, Dinsdale and McLeay (left to right)

But most polls and campaign insiders claim that McLeay and banker Sid Dinsdale are in for a bumpy finish.

That said Sasse and Osborn continue to make the most noise.

As Nebraska Watchdog’s Joe Jordan has told KFAB radio (see video below) that noise ranges from whose got the biggest bankroll to who’s backing who—beginning with the recent move by one right wing PAC, FreedomWorks, to change horses late in the race.

Why? Take a look.

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