NE lawmakers won’t touch campaign cash plan that touches them


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

As state lawmakers get ready to call it quits for the year, a move to stop some campaign cash shenanigans will have to wait ’til next year and next year doesn’t look all that promising.

The bill (LB676) making it illegal for candidates to loan themselves money from their campaign accounts died a quiet death in Lincoln, but did make noise from folks who don’t usually see eye-to-eye.

Common Cause Nebraska and Objective Conservative, a right-wing on-line publication, aren’t happy that lawmakers are ignoring the legislation.

The calls for reform grew out of former State Sen. Brenda Council’s gambling related convictions.

Nebraska Watchdog’s Joe Jordan flushed out the reforms (see video below) with Omaha’s KFAB radio and Common Cause’s Jack Gould.

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