ND Democratic Party Official Creates Video About Congressman Cramer: “You’re Just a Racist…F**K You”


Senator Heidi Heitkamp at Cirrus Aircrafts' celebration Tuesday, December 20 in Grand Forks, N.D. (Jesse Trelstad/Grand Forks Herald)

Ondine Baird is a representative of the North Dakota Democratic Party to the Democratic National Committee.

She also put together a zany, amateurish, and overall pretty hateful video about Congressman Kevin Cramer for Twitter targeting him over the recent immigration imbroglio. Cramer, of course, is challenging incumbent Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp this cycle.

The Heitkamp campaign and their various partisan allies have made it clear that their strategy is inspiring voters to hate Kevin. I guess that’s what Baird, in her clumsy way, was trying to do. It was flagged by state Rep. Jake Blum (who also works for the Cramer campaign):

The lyrics for the song say “you’re just evil, you’re just a racist…f*ck you.”

Which, you know. Wow.

Baird, for her part, isn’t taking the notoriety for her video very well:

So, is “f*ck you, you’re evil and you’re a racist” the official position of the North Dakota Democratic Party?

Remember that as Heitkamp’s political allies like Baird engage in this sort of awful rhetoric, Heitkamp herself is promoting the idea that she “works with anyone.”

The policy that Baird is using as her basis for invective aimed at Cramer? It was put in place by President Trump. You know, the guy Heitkamp says she votes most of the time with.

The Democratic messaging this election cycle is positively schizophrenic.