National guru: GOP’s Lee Terry ‘unable to solidify’ his seat


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

OMAHA—Arguing that the GOP’s Lee Terry is “unable to solidify” his hold on the 2nd District Congressional seat, a national political expert is upping Democrat Brad Ashford’s chances of winning in November.

Rep. Lee Terry

Not long ago the Rothenberg Report listed the race as “Republican Favored” but has moved the contest to “Toss-Up/Tilt Republican.”

Brad Ashford

The jump comes despite the latest campaign cash reports which find Terry with $681,000 in the bank compared to Ashford’s $186,000.

So why the Ashford upgrade?

According to Rothenberg: Chip Maxwell.

“The possibility that tea party conservative Chip Maxwell may join a Libertarian on the ballot has Republicans concerned (and Democrats excited),” writes Rothenberg.

Asked by Nebraska Watchdog if the Terry camp is concerned Rothenberg’s updated analysis will help Ashford (or Maxwell) raise money, Team Terry accused Ashford of falling in line with Nancy Pelosi and liberal Democrats in Washington, adding:

“Our campaign objective remains telling the story about how Lee Terry’s hard work and leadership in Congress on behalf of seniors, veterans and small business owners benefits everyone in Nebraska’s second congressional district. That objective won’t change, regardless of who is in the race or from where their support comes.”

IMG_6331As for Maxwell, he tells Nebraska Watchdog his push to get on the ballot—he needs the signatures of 2,000 registered voters by September—should be done in the very near future.

Long before the Rothenberg redo, many political insiders—on both sides—argued that Maxwell will take votes from Terry, paving the way for an Ashford win.

In a recent interview with KETV, Terry said Maxwell will take votes from him and make the race tougher. However, Terry quickly added, “But when I win it makes it even better.”

Last month a poll released by Ashford said the race was dead even—41-41—without any mention of Maxwell.

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