MSNBC Anchors Wonder: Is It Disrespectful to Call Obama "Obama"


At Hot Air, Allahpundit calls it “manufactured-grievance theater for the progressive faithful.”


The most nauseating bit of the segment, beyond the entire premise, was the suggestion by Krystal Ball that Obama has somehow been disrespected more than past Presidents. To which I respond with this:


Remember all the smarmy, childish nicknames the left had for Bush circa 2005 or so? My favorite was Chimpy McHitlerburton. Creative.

Anyway, the president is a unique political figure in that he becomes the focal point for whatever political angst the public is feeling at the moment. Sometimes it’s fair and sometimes it isn’t. But what’s funny is that, much like feelings about the filibuster in the Senate, people’s opinions about how much respect one should show the commander-in-chief tends to hinge on who happens to be in charge at the moment.

Discussion question: If these folks at MSNBC think using the President’s last name is disrespectful, what do they think we should call him? His Most Exalted Oneness?