More than $32M spent lobbying Maryland government in 2013


By Len Lazarick | Maryland Reporter

More than $32 million was spent last year lobbying state government, and the health care industry was the top spender at $7.1 million.

The figures come from the official reports on lobbying by the State Ethics Commission, further massaged in an analysis by Common Cause, the good government advocacy group, which called the totals “staggering.”

Not surprising in a year that saw the implementation of Obamacare, causing the further growth of state involvement in health care through Medicaid, 62 health care organizations spent $7.1 million on lobbying.

The Maryland Hospital Association topped the list of firms at $665,000.

The numbers do not include lobbying by state agencies, county governments and municipalities, which spend millions more, but are not required to report spending to the State Ethics Commission.

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