Michigan taxpayers paying far more money for far fewer state workers

By Jarrett Skorup

While union and media reports claim state employees have taken large compensation cuts, a look at the numbers shows that taxpayers are paying much more per employee working for them.

In fact, the state is paying hundreds of millions more for far fewer workers.

The contracts for most of the state’s 47,000 workers ended at the start of 2014 and the state of Michigan is currently in negotiations with its employee unions. However, contract negotiations stalled and the Michigan Civil Service Commission is considering recommendations from an impasse panel.

In the meantime, media and union reports have been claiming that state employees have taken significant cuts during the past decade.

Several unions have protested during the talks with signs saying: “Enough is Enough” and “Ebenezer Scrooge Would Be Proud.” According to an article on MLive, “state government employees argued that they’ve already made enough concessions over the last decade and don’t want any more cuts.”

A report in MIRS News said state employees have made “years of concessions.”

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