Maybe The Real Extremists Are The People Who Think The NRA Is Extremist


This is a pretty remarkable data point. According to Gallup, the National Rifle Association has become more popular since 2012. “Despite a year of blistering criticism from gun control advocates about the National Rifle Association’s hard-line stance against gun restrictions amid a spate of mass shootings nationwide, 58% in the U.S. have a favorable opinion of the NRA,” reports Gallup.

Per the trend line, the NRA seems to be enjoying about the same level of popularity as it has for the past decade:


What’s remarkable about this is that it’s not like the NRA has been off the public’s radar. Gun control has been thrust into the public limelight every time there’s a shooting incident, and each time that happens Democrats and the political left treat the organization as a rhetorical piñata. We’re supposed to believe that the NRA is an extremist group which enables the murder of innocents by sticking to some archaic and outmoded notion about the right to be armed.

And yet, it seems most Americans like the NRA.

Maybe the people who say the NRA is an extremist group are the real extremists.