Margaret Thatcher, Great Britain's Iron Lady, Has Passed Away


Margaret Thatcher died in London last night after a stroke. She was 87 years old.

In addition to being Great Britain’s first, and only, female Prime Minister Thatcher was, along with America’s Ronald Reagan, part of a rare moment in modern political history. A moment when two of the world’s superpowers were governed by outspoken proponents of limiting state power who didn’t just make philosophical arguments for their way of doing things, but implemented that philosophy as policy to resounding success.

Here’s to hoping that one day America, and Great Britain, could be governed in such a way again.

Here’s video of Thatcher’s “last stand” in Parliament where she gives as good as she gets from the nation’s socialists.

The argument you’ll hear is a familiar one. Talk of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, but Thatcher points out what the left still ignores even today. Even if the gap between rich and poor grows, isn’t a good thing that those categorized as “poor” are getting richer too?

Or would we rather everyone be poorer for the sake of a smaller wealth gap?

Sadly, I think many on the left would like to see society drug down to just such a lowest common denominator. Because that satisfies their notions about fairness.

I leave you with this. The great Margaret Thatcher being interviewed by the great William Buckley on the questino of, “What have we learned from the failure of socialism.”

“Not much,” would be my answer these days.