Madison, WI, conducting investigation into possible misuse of city car


By Adam Tobias | Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON, Wis. — The city of Madison has launched an internal investigation into the possible misuse of a city vehicle, Wisconsin Reporter has learned.

INTERNAL INVESTIGATION: The city of Madison is looking into whether a city vehicle was misused while on a trip to South Dakota.

Madison Assistant City Attorney Roger Allen confirmed to Wisconsin Reporter on Wednesday the investigation involves a city employee or city employees who were allegedly sightseeing in South Dakota while participating in training sessions.

“The car was signed out to go to South Dakota for training,” Allen said.

A photo of the vehicle at Custer State Park, taken July 1, was discovered by local radio talk show host Vicki McKenna.

David Dryer, Madison Traffic Engineering and Parking manager, is conducting the probe. He has not returned multiple calls from Wisconsin Reporter seeking comment.

Allen could not confirm if the employee or employees, whose names are not being released at this time, work in the Traffic Engineering Department.

“We often have managers from other departments do investigations,” Allen said.

Allen expects the investigation to be completed in the next few weeks.

“The only complicating factor is this is summer, so witnesses might be on vacation,” Allen told Wisconsin Reporter. “Generally, they are a high priority … Something like this would be a relatively simple investigation, I would think.”

Wisconsin Reporter filed an open records request Wednesday with the Madison Fleet Service Division to obtain all travel logs and related expense documents for city vehicles taken on out-of-town trips this year.

Fleet Service Superintendent William Vanden Brook could immediately be reached for comment.