LIVE at 9:30 A.m.: What’s the Future of the Democratic-NPL?


The North Dakota Democratic-NPL has been out of power in North Dakota for about two generations.

They haven’t held the governorship since the early 1990s. They haven’t held a statewide executive branch office since 2009, or a majority in either chamber in the Legislature since 1994.

Until 2010, the state’s entire congressional delegation were members of the Democratic-NPL, as of 2018 those seats are now all held by Republicans.The party holds just 7 seats in the state Senate, and only 14 in the House.

How can they turn it around?

Zach Raknerud was the unsuccessful Democratic-NPL candidate for the U.S. House in 2020, and he’s currently running to be a committeeman for the party in 2021.

He joins this episode of Plain Talk Live to talk about his party, its past, and what he believes could be its future.

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