LIVE at 3 P.m.: How Many Wind Turbines Do You Want in Your Back Yard? Watch the Discussion


“Rural America gets bad vibrations from Big Wind,” Robert Bryce wrote recently for the Wall Street Journal.

He notes that President Joe Biden’s administration is pushing for “tens of thousands of wind turbines,” but asks, “where, exactly, will all those turbines be built?”

It’s a good question.

Many Americans, even those who support the concept of wind energy, may not realize just how thoroughly we will need to carpet-bomb our landscape with wind turbines to reach some of the goals set for wind production.

Remember, too, that all those turbines will also need to be serviced by transmission lines to carry that energy to market. While a coal plant or a nuclear plant generally sits in one location, wind turbines are dispersed across the landscape, and the transmission lines that serve them end up covering a lot of ground

Bryce, who has authored a report called “Not In Our Backyard,” for the Center of the American Experiment, a Minnesota-based think tank, joins this episode of Plain Talk Live to talk about wind turbines and the challenges of not-in-my-back-yard attitudes.

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