LIVE at 2 P.m.: Rob Port and Rep. Kelly Armstrong Talk About House GOP Infighting, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and More


Some Republicans in the U.S. House want Rep. Liz Cheney, the GOP’s conference chair and the third-ranking Republican in the chamber, to be ousted over her criticism of former President Donald Trump. Trump supporters are even attacking House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, pointing out his living arrangement with prominent consultant Frank Luntz.

Is any work getting done in the House amid all this infighting?

Can Republicans effectively rebut the Democrats’ agenda when they’re busy throwing pies at one another?

Also, the Biden administration has finally conceded that the Dakota Access Pipeline should continue to operate during a court-ordered review, earmark spending is making a comeback, and federal legislation addressing civil asset forfeiture may be on the way.

Congressman Kelly Armstrong will discuss the problems in his caucus and these other topics on this episode of Plain Talk.

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