LIVE at 2 P.M.: A Hydrogen Hub Is a Big Deal for North Dakota; Listen to the Discussion


A big name in power is coming to North Dakota to invest in hydrogen energy, and it’s a big deal for our state in a lot of ways. Mitsubishi Power is partnering with Bakken Energy to build a hydrogen hub in the state.

The potential benefits are enormous.

It’s a new industry, for one, in a state that desperately needs economic diversification.

The proposed hydrogen hub will be a new customer for North Dakota natural gas, a commodity produced as a byproduct of oil exploration here. We produce so much a lot of it gets burned off as excess in the Bakken oil fields.

It will also be a shot in the arm for North Dakota’s nascent efforts with carbon capture. The hydrogen plant will be carbon-neutral because what carbon it produces will be captured and stored here in the state.

On this episode of Plain Talk Live, Bakken Energy CEO Mike Hopkins will discuss this new project and the specifics of North Dakota, from public policy to geology, that are making it possible.

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