LIVE at 11:30 A.m.: This Group Says They May Sue North Dakota Over 10 Commandments Legislation


In April, Governor Doug Burgum signed a bill that aims to protect school districts from liability for posting the 10 Commandments. “School boards are already required to develop a policy for the proper display of any religious objects or documents,” Burgum said in a statement announcing his signature on the bill. “This law supports local control and gives school districts full control over whether to display any religious objects or documents.”

Opponents of the bill argued that the legislation could invite lawsuits from groups who see displays of the 10 Commandments as an affront to religious liberty.

Andrew Seidel, a constitutional law attorney for the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation has described the legislation as “un-American” and has said that his group is ready to challenge it in court.

“The Freedom From Religion Foundation has successfully sued three times to remove Ten Commandments monuments or posters from public schools, and is prepared to challenge this blatantly unconstitutional law,” he wrote in a recent letter to the editor.

He joins this episode of Plain Talk to discuss the issue.

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