Listen up: WatchdogNow podcast for 3.24


Want to know what your government is up? Tune into’s original podcast, WatchdogNow. You’ll hear from Watchdog’s reporters in the field, tracking waste, fraud and abuse nationwide. And we’ll talk to the newsmakers who are shaping policy and stirring debate.

On this week’s WatchdogNow:

  • A $2.3 million federal stimulus-funded wind turbine in Minnesota is all but inoperable.
  • A Kansas lawmaker says more government transparency could threaten citizen safety.
  • Just in time for Sunshine Week,’s Mark Lisheron talks about the Obama administration’s failed pledge to make the federal government more transparent.
  • And U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, just back from a fact-finding trip to Ukraine, talks about what’s next following the Russian power grab in Crimea.

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