Libertarian wing of GOP gains strength in Congress


By Susan Ferrechio | Washington Examiner

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A few times each month, a couple dozen House Republican lawmakers gather in a meeting room in a building adjacent to Capitol to discuss ideas and legislative proposals that focus on limited government, reducing the debt and maintaining individual rights.

The group considers itself conservative with a libertarian emphasis. They call themselves the Liberty Caucus and believe that in order for the GOP to win more elections in the future, the party must begin embracing their libertarian-minded philosophy because voters are beginning to demand it, particularly in the wake of government data collection revelations that some believe infringe on privacy rights.

“I think you are seeing a movement in the Republican Party where it is becoming more liberty minded,” Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, a member of the Liberty Caucus, told the Washington Examiner.

“Issues like (government data collection by the National Security Administration) have really enlightened Republicans to the dangers of the lack of strong congressional oversight of these organizations, so I think we need to get back to the basic doctrine of the constitution. Our Founding Fathers had a fear of strong central government and too much power being given to one person. That is the premise of what the constitution was about.”

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