Legislator blames ‘shady banker’ for Detroit’s problems despite voting to double debt


By Tom Gantert | Michigan Capitol Confidential

In June 2009, the city of Detroit’s unrestricted deficit had nearly doubled from the previous year, increasing from $501.3 million to $920.2 million, according to the city’s financial audit.

The state Legislature responded by approving a bill about six months later that doubled Detroit’s ability to finance more debt.

At the time, Mackinac Center Senior Legislative Analyst Jack McHugh wrote a blog titled, “Is Another Credit Card the Solution to Detroit’s Spending Problem?

State Sen. Coleman Young II, D-Detroit, evidently thought the extra borrowing option was a good one because as a then-state representative, he became a sponsor of House Bill 5626 in 2009. Then-Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed the bill in February 2010 and Detroit’s ability to finance debt via bonds doubled to $250 million.

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