Open Thread Town Hall: Rep. Kevin Cramer Takes Your Questions


Tonight’s the night to ask Rep. Kevin Cramer your questions about life, the universe and everything.

Though it might be better if you narrowed it down to stuff he’s working on as North Dakota’s at-large member of the House of Representatives.

You can begin posting your questions below. Rep. Cramer will begin answering them at about 6:00pm central time, and he’ll stick around for an hour. He’ll be signed in to the commenting system using his Twitter account.

If you’re new to SAB commenting, you can get a log in at Disqus or log in using your social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter. It’s pretty self explanatory.

We normally run a pretty wide-open comments section, but for sake of facilitating an meaningful exchange, those being abusive or crude will have their comments deleted.

Also, as the questions build up, take a moment to scan what has already been asked to make sure you’re not duplicating.

This is a first for SAB, so let’s make it work so that we can call more of our public leaders into this venue for a conversation.

Update 5:45pm: As he’s posted below, Rep. Cramer had to go to the House floor to cast a vote. He’ll be back to answering questions in about 30 minutes. Please continue to post yours.

Update 6:14pm: Rep. Cramer is backing to answering questions. Feel free to post yours. He should be with us until about 7:00pm.

Update 7:17pm: Having given us more than an hour total, Rep. Cramer has hung it up for the evening. You can read all the questions and answers below.