Kevin Cramer Says He's Not Endorsing Doug Burgum Despite Appearance At Campaign Event


A lot of buzz this evening after the Doug Burgum campaign tweeted out a picture of Congressman Kevin Cramer visiting a campaign event in Devils Lake today:

That prompted more than a few emails and texts to me asking if Cramer was endorsing Burgum.

I went to Cramer about it, and he says he isn’t.

“I was in DL speaking at a volunteer event & the mayor told me he was going to a Burgum meet & greet so I crashed it,” he told me. “It was fun.”

Asked directly if he’s endorsing Burgum, Cramer said “no.”

I suspect Cramer really was just thinking that, since he was in the area, he’d avail himself of an opportunity to speak to some voters since he’s on the ballot too this cycle.