Sitting In For Jay Thomas Today From 2-5pm


Here’s a heads up (or a warning, depending on whether or not you like me): I’ll be guest hosting the Jay Thomas Show on WDAY AM970 in Fargo today from 2-5pm.

Jay apparently doesn’t like working Fridays, so I’m in. You can listen live here.


brad-wimmerBrad Wimmer, who announced a challenge to two-term incumbent Mayor of Fargo Dennis Walaker this week. Wimmer had said previously he wouldn’t run against Walaker, but has apparently changed his mind. I’ll ask him why, and what he has planned for the city.

104865_lgRep. Mike Nathe, of Bismarck, who is chairman of the state House Education Committee. Fargo just got through a very contentious vote that shot down the school district’s bid to keep their property tax mill levy above the state cap. The school board members are now pleading poverty, accusing voters of denying them revenues needed to promote sound education. Rep. Nathe has the straight dope on just how much money the school district has, and now much they’ve been getting from the state.

If you want to call in, the local number is 293-9000 or toll-free at 888-970-9329. You can also tweet at me while on air at @robport.