Here's How To Help The Family Of Fargo Police Officer Jason Moszer


If you haven’t caught the news yet, Fargo Police Officer Jason Moszer was shot during a stand off last night. You can get all the latest news on that here.

I see a lot of people posting “thoughts and prayers” messages on social media, and changing their account photos to show solidarity with Moszer and the Fargo Police Department..

But you can do more.

Click here and make a donation to help Officer Moszer’s family. A family which just lost their father and husband. A family that will have plenty of needs in the coming weeks and months.

The minimum donation is $25. You can do at least that¬†much. And if we give a great deal more, perhaps we can turn this tragic loss into a legacy for Moszer’s family.

Let’s make it happen.

UPDATE:¬†We’ve already hit the original $5,000 goal after just a couple of hours. There is no reason why you can’t still give though.

Like I said, let’s make this a legacy for the family.