Jane Kleeb takes sides in Omaha’s GOP House fight.


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

You might want to put this one under the heading, “With friends like this who needs enemies.”

That thought has to be going through Dan Frei’s head as he tries to take out Republican Congressman Lee Terry in the GOP’s May 13th primary.


Because Jane Kleeb, the anti-Keystone XL pipeline, liberal-progressive who Nebraska conservatives can’t say enough bad things about—yes, that Jane Kleeb—is telling voters (despite the fact that both candidates vehemently favor the pipeline) to cast their ballots next Tuesday for Frei over Terry.


Nebraska Watchdog: You tweeted that if you were still a Republican you’d vote for Dan Frei over Rep. Terry on May 13. Were you being sarcastic?

Jane Kleeb: I was not being sarcastic.

Nebraska Watchdog: Dan Frei is also in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline so why pick him over Terry? Don’t you think your “endorsement” of Dan Frei would hurt him more than help him in the Republican primary against Terry?

Jane Kleeb: We won’t endorse candidates who support KXL, but we will give guidance to voters (especially Republicans in this primary phase) on who they should vote for if both candidates support KXL and they have no other option. So I/we would not endorse Frei, but we will tell folks who are registered GOP and against the pipeline to vote for him over Terry.

In addition while Terry has made the pipeline’s opening a key focus of his last few years on Capitol Hill—music to the ears of many potential primary voters—Kleeb tells Nebraska Watchdog there are anti-Terry votes out there she is trying to mine.

According to Kleeb those would include independents (who can vote in the GOP contest) and Republicans unhappy with their own party’s establishment—which sounds a lot like Frei.

Asked by Nebraska Watchdog to comment on Kleeb’s push for Frei, the Frie campaign had “no comment.”

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