Jackson mayoral candidate: Cannabis dissolves radiation


By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog

Jackson’s mayoral race has 13 candidates, but none with a platform as unique as Gwendolyn Chapman’s.

ALL ABOUT CANNABIS: Jackson, Miss. mayoral candidate Gwendolyn Chapman has a unique platform. PHOTO BY: WAPT, Jackson

Chapman was featured on Jackson TV station WAPT’s segment “In Their Own Words,” a video series in which each candidate received a 1:30 of airtime to make their case to the voters.

Chapman’s segment was last in the series and as the cliche goes, WAPT might’ve saved the best for last.

WAPT published a transcript of each segment and these are some of the gems from Chapman’s.

“The reason I know I’m the best candidate for this mayortorial (sic) race is because I have a perfect financial, economic plan.”

What is the plan’s lynchpin? Cannabis. Chapman continues:

“The United States spends over a trillion dollars a year on products made of industrial hemp. We have the constitutional right to take that same product that the United States spends over in China, UK and other countries. Because the cannabis is made of cotton, corn. It’s made of petroleum. It’s made of all you can name of.”

But cannabis apparently has another use according to Chapman.

“The most important thing about it is if there was to be a nuclear warfare, this plant was dissolve radiation.”