It's Time For Larry Skogen To Stop Making Excuses


North Dakota University System Chancellor Larry Skogen has been on a media offensive the last few days. According to him, the university system’s problems are just “misconceptions,” and it’s really the Legislature who is attacking the university system.

According to Skogen, the public should be happy that the North Dakota University System has only violated state transparency laws twice in the last 20 months (though it’s more like five times by my count).

But is anyone buying this? Maybe.

The universities throw around a lot of weight in the world of politics (even as they, laughably, tout their need for “independence” from politics), but today in an editorial against closing meetings concerning the hiring/firing of Skogen’s position, the Bismarck Tribune calls out the university system in a very blunt way.

The Board of Higher Education has a lousy record when it comes to open meetings with numerous violations over the last few years. When people can’t obey the law do we change it? The best way for the board to rebuild its reputation is to conduct its business in the open. The public can regain its faith in the board by observing them conducting their business in an open, orderly manner.

Do you hear that, Chancellor Skogen?


You have a lousy track record when it comes to transparency and accountability. This isn’t a “misconception.” This isn’t a product of what you perceive as enemies attacking the university system. This is an actual problem that you and others in the university system’s leadership are actually responsible for.

Stop making excuses.