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Former Williston State College President Ray Nadolny at a State Board of Higher Education meeting in Williston in 2012.

Former Williston State President Ray Nadolny Writes Book With Unflattering Anecdotes About University System Leaders

Former Williston State President Ray Nadolny Writes Book With Unflattering Anecdotes About University System Leaders

Ray Nadolny resigned as the President of Williston State College in 2016. Now he’s written a bit of a tell-all book about his at times rocky tenure at the school which is causing a buzz in political and academic circles. Nadolny isn’t all that complimentary of the Legislature, or some of his bosses in the

Larry Skogen, president of Bismarck State College

Thanks, Bismarck State College, for Illustrating Why We Can’t Trust the University System

For years there has been tension between the North Dakota University System and state lawmakers. Most of it having to do with the universities playing politics over budget issues. A recent case in point is this media blitz by Bismarck State College which has the institution’s leadership feeding cooked numbers to credulous reporters in the hopes

Somehow Embattled UND President Who Has Clashed With Faculty And Students Gets Glowing Evaluation

If there is a problem in the North Dakota University System it is that they live inside a bubble. Our higher education leaders live in their own version of reality where all is well and complaints from the public about poor performance and a lack of transparency are just misunderstandings by the ignorant hoi polloi.

Outgoing NDUS Chancellor Spending His Last Days In Spin Mode

One of the reforms for higher education in North Dakota coming out of the 2015 legislative session was a shift of the North Dakota University System’s auditors and lawyers away from the university system’s budget and into the State Auditor’s and Attorney General’s budgets, respectively. The need for this was obvious. The university system has

John Andrist: Why Don't Universities Play By The Rules?

One of the hit songs from the Broadway musical, “My Fair Lady”, was a whimsical lament, “Why can’t a lady be like a man?” My question this week is, “Why can’t our university system play by the rules”. Just this past week came new allegations that the University System fired an employee/attorney for blowing the

Rod St. Aubyn: Tests Abound For The North Dakota University System

Higher education has once again found itself in the news with the possible lawsuit by a former NDUS attorney and the student discontent with UND’s President. As I read the stories it became apparent that these recent issues will be a test for many parties that will need to deal with these controversies. Being a

Former University System Lawyer Alleges Cover-Ups And Intimidation In Filing

Currently North Dakota lawmakers are debating legislation which would move control of the North Dakota University System’s lawyers from the university system to Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s office (a bill to similarly move the NDUS auditors to the State Auditor’s Office has already passed). Lawmakers may want to consider some recent events as they make

NDUS Chancellor Candidate Once Touted A Doctorate From A Diploma Mill

The North Dakota University System has a serious credibility problem. In addition to breaking open records and open meeting laws no fewer than 18 times since 2010, their relationship with lawmakers has detriorated to the point where many of those lawmakers simply don’t believe what university officials have to say. That’s why lawmakers feel the

Lawmakers Make Massive Records Requests Because The Universities Can't Be Trusted

In order to make their case for SB2222, which would end anonymous requests for open records by lawmakers, the North Dakota University System has taken to leaking information about some really, really large requests of that variety. The idea is to paint the requests as unreasonable, and the lawmakers as vindictive. The university system pulled this stunt

For Lawmakers University System's Transparency Issues Are No "Misconception"

According to Chancellor Larry Skogen, the idea that the state’s university system and its institutions have problem with transparency is just a “misconception.” That despite nearly two dozen open records violations by the university system and its instittuions since 2010. And to prove just how committed they are to transparency, the North Dakota University System