Is Common Core dead in South Carolina? Nobody knows


By Jamie Murguia | The Nerve

A meeting in the Gressette Office Building yesterday (the state Senate office building on the State House grounds) reminded me of spats I used to have with my sister. Our parents would listen patiently to both sides, and at some point they’d tell us to be quiet and explain what the deal was.

Playing the parents’ role was Sen. John Courson (R- Richland) and Sen. Wes Hayes (R- York). Playing the role of squabbling siblings were representatives from the Department of Education (DOE), the Education Oversight Committee (EOC), and the State Board of Education (State Board).

Not that anybody behaved unprofessionally. On the contrary, everyone was respectful. But the whole thing arose from confusion, and since that confusion arose from South Carolina’s bewildering government structure, Sens. Courson and Hayes weren’t quite able to clarify the situation as they’d hoped.

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