Irony: North Dakota University Home To Free Speech Legislation Moves Homosexuality Event Off Campus


Here’s some irony.

During the legislative session earlier this year students and faculty from the private University of Jamestown successfully pushed for a bill that creates more free speech protections for campus journalists.

Steve Listopad, one of the organizers of that effort who now works at Valley City State University, has even been awarded the Hugh Hefner First Amendment Award in Education for his efforts.

But now that same university has moved a homosexuality event off campus because it is too controversial for students and faculty there. After controversy surrounding an event to be held at the University of Jamestown campus, it has been announced that the venue has been changed.

“Homosexuality: Speaking God’s Truth In Love” was to be held on the University of Jamestown campus in September, but has now been moved to Victory Lutheran Church.

President Robert Badal announced the change earlier last week.

“We appreciate the mutual, good faith resolution to this situation,” says Dr. Badal.

“The sponsors were sensitive to the issues facing the University, and we are grateful for their understanding.”

According to a previous report the private university’s only official connection to the event was leasing one of its facilities to event organizers. In no way was the university endorsing the views of the event, but that wasn’t good enough for oh-so-tolerant faculty and staff at the institution:

JAMESTOWN, N.D. ( – Some alumni and students at the University of Jamestown are complaining about an event entitled “Homosexuality: Speaking God’s Truth In Love” that is being held on campus in September.

An article on the event in the Jamestown Sun first prompted individuals to debate the controversial issues of homosexuality and some are stating that the University of Jamestown appears to be sponsoring the event. Which is not the case.

University that is currently making regional headlines because some of its faculty and students backed pro-1st amendment legislation is now guilty of moving a controversial event off campus because students and faculty…don’t like the speech.

You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s not a question of whether or not you agree with the message this event is endorsing (I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t agree with it), but whether or not controversial speech will be allowed.

On campus, increasingly, speech that runs contrary to left-wing orthodoxy it is not allowed.