I’m Pretty Sure Secretary Zinke Knows Who Kevin Cramer Is


A national left wing group that’s backing Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s re-election campaign against Congressman Kevin Cramer caught a humorous error in Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s Twitter feed:

That’s Doug Burgum in the picture, but the other North Dakota officeholder is definitely not Kevin Cramer.

That’s our Lt. Governor Brent Sanford.

But hey, if Sanford looks like Cramer, maybe the Congressman could get him to take his place during some boring committee hearings? I’m told that’s among the Lt. Governor’s scant duties.

There’s an old joke about the Lt. Governor job. Why doesn’t he look out the window in the morning? So he’ll have something to do in the afternoon.

I shouldn’t be mean to Sanford who is, actually, a very hard working public servant. But still, the tweet made me laugh.