How to Subscribe to the Plain Talk Podcast


As you readers know, I’ve been posting new episodes of the Plain Talk Podcast for more than a week now (the latest episode, with Auditor Josh Gallion, is here), but subscribing to the podcast on some of the most popular podcasting platforms hasn’t been possible.

When you start a new podcast it takes a bit to get approved.

Anyway, today I can announce that the podcast is available pretty much everywhere.

Click here to subscribe on iTunes.

Click here to subscribe on Google Play.

Click here to subscribe on Spotify.

Click here to subscribe on Pocketcasts.

Or click here to get the RSS feed for the podcast, and plug it into whatever podcasting app or service you’re using.

New shows will go live every weekday morning. I’ll post the audio for each new show here on SAB too, so you can follow that way if you like. If you want to give me feedback on the podcast, or if you have any problems subscribing to it or listening on any platform, please email me at