How Much Violence Are You Willing to Use Against People Who Won’t Wear Masks?


MINOT, N.D. — Monday, a man at a public meeting in South Dakota was frog-marched out of the venue by police officers for refusing to wear a mask.

As the ugly and bafflingly political divide over masking grows, I think we have to ask ourselves how comfortable we are with that image.

Because the path we’re on? The one between obstinate anti-maskers and authoritarian pro-mask martinets? That’s where it leads.

The Monday meeting of the Mitchell Board of Education required masks. If you didn’t have one, they had some available, but everyone needed one because that was school district policy for school district property. If you’re there, you have to mask up.

That mandate was a major topic of the meeting. Many people were in attendance to speak out against it. But they wore masks. One man, identified as Reed Bender, refused.

Ultimately he was led out of the room by police, after a bit of struggle and the threat of a stun gun.

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