Fargo Democrat Picks a Fight With Carrington Restaurant Over Native American Statue


MINOT, N.D. — Do you ever wonder, when you see people complaining about a business online, if that person even attempted to talk about the problem with the business before complaining about it online?

Many people seem more interested in online griping than working with someone out in the real world to actually solve the problem.

I’ve been thinking about that as I’ve followed an emerging food fight between a Fargo-area Democrat and a business in central North Dakota.

If you’ve driven through Carrington, you’ve seen the centerpiece of this folderol.

It’s a massive statue of a Native American outside the Chieftain, a combination restaurant, hotel and events center. You can’t miss it.

State Rep. Ruth Buffalo, a first-term Democrat from Fargo, certainly didn’t miss it. During a recent road trip she took a photo of the statue and posted it on Facebook, calling for it to come down.

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