Here’s what happens when government tries to control your diet


By Bre Payton and Dustin Hurst |

If you give a mouse a cookie a bureaucrat some power over your meals, he might just make you count your calories…

You will be made to care.

He will criticize you for eating beef…

And may even offer you some bugs!


This really happened. Using their infinite wisdom, government officials really asked Americans to eat insects.

If he offers you some bugs, you might rebel just a little…


Or, you might simply ignore the government-mandated calorie counts on fast food menus.

But if you rebel, he’ll plan out all your meals and re-educate you:


Michelle Obama to the rescue!

And he may take your money and give it away to figure out why some people are healthier than others.


If you’re healthy, he might just accuse you of being a racist…


And he might try to change how you shop for food, too.


He will probably force you to buy and consumer foods you don’t like…

eati tiBasically, no bacon is allowed. Who would want to live in that kind of world?

With this in mind, why would anyone invite government into the kitchen?

Beginning in 2015, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is going to be dishing out advice like this to Americans.

Experts think this advice goes beyond the scope of what the DGAC was originally put together to do: to counteract the effects of fad diets in America, and offer a solid nutrition advice.

In 2010, the last time DGAC released guidelines, the panel introduced sustainability. Now, the guidelines purpose has gone beyond merely dietary suggestions.

In short, this panel is playing politics with your food and intends to take a bigger role in your choices. DGAC chair Barbara Miller has said anything health-related is up for grabs in the next set of guidelines.

And the DGAC is looking for researchers to cover these topics for the 2020 standards:

Environmental justice: supporting the rights of all people to live in a healthy environment.

Health equity: dealing with issues that cause some groups of people to have worse health than others. You know, like racism.

Healthy behaviors across all life stages: activities to improve the opportunities for people of all ages to make healthy choices.

Remember, if you give a bureaucrat power over your meals, he can basically do whatever he wants with your diet.


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