Gun rights at NC State Fair not so fair


NOT FAIR: Should legal gun owners be prevented from bringing concealed weapons to the state fair?

By Ann Kane |

Grass Roots North Carolina has challenged Department of Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler to take down signs at the North Carolina State Fair that prohibit the carrying of guns onto the fairgrounds.

Troxler held a news conference on Tuesday to explain why his department will continue the ban on weapons at the fair, unless he is ordered by a “judge or the legislature” to remove the prohibition.

Listen to full audio of remarks recorded by Triangle Tactical.

Troxler: I have reviewed the law, sought advice from our lawyers, from our chief of security at the fairgrounds, from members of the legislature who were sponsors of the law, and others.

After careful consideration of everything, I believe that the law is as clear as mud, which is to say that it is not very clear. We believe there is gray area in the law, and for that reason, we are erring on the side of public safety, common sense and the welfare of the State Fair.

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