Guest Post: Thank You to North Dakota Lawmakers for Supporting Music Education


This guest post was submitted by Sara Baumann, President; Mark Herold, President-Elect; Brian Saylor, Immediate Past-President; and Lindsey Tafelmeyer, Executive Director of the North Dakota Music Educators Association

North Dakota values music education. This past session, the legislature doubled down on its commitment to the importance of music in our public schools by investing $800,000, which will be allocated to every school district across the state.

As many North Dakotans know, music is more than just being entertained. It spurs brain development, particularly in our children. It triggers positive and sustaining behavioral impacts for all kinds of students across the state in a way that maximizes the learning opportunities for each student. It enriches the quality of life that makes North Dakota a great place to live and work and a great place to recruit people to live and work.

For the past two legislative sessions, the ND Music Educators Association has heightened awareness of these critical North Dakota values to the legislature. And the legislature responded. Thank you to the education committees and the wonderful leadership of their chairmen: Rep. Mark Owens and Sen. Don Schaible. These two stalwart supporters of music education and their supportive committee members led the way for this $800,000 investment in our kids.

Music education will continue to play a central role in North Dakota’s educational and cultural landscape.