Greg Stemen, Vice Chairman of the State Board of Higher Education, Stepping Down From Term Early


Greg Stemen, appointed to North Dakota’s State Board of Higher Education by Governor Jack Dalrymple in July of 2015, is ending his tenure on the board early.

His four-year term is up in June of next year, but after yesterday’s meeting of the board Stemen submitted a letter of resignation to Chairman Don Morton.

I spoke with Stemen this morning and questioned him about his early departure. He told me additional work duties at his day job, as well as a desire to spend more time with his daughter during her volleyball season this year, prompted his resignation.

“When I’m dying I’ll doubt I’ll feel like I didn’t spend enough time on the board,” he told me.

Stemen said he’d been working on two big pieces of board business which recently completed – the search for a new president at Valley City State University as well as the completion of an audit of the State School of Science in Wahpeton – and he felt like the time was right.

Here’s a copy of his resignation:

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