Gov. Heineman and NU: A numbers game


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

For those who think Dave Heineman is out of his league pushing for the top school job in the state, you might want to think again.

Gov. Dave Heineman

In the 2006 governor’s race it was said by insider after insider that he’d never beat Husker football’s living legend Tom Osborn. (I vividly remember a KMTV News poll that had Heineman down 50 points at the opening kick-off.) Well, you know the rest.

So despite having said he’ll “repay” the state if his recent announcement for the presidency of the University of Nebraska was over the top, Gov. Heineman is off and running.

He’s made a career out of counting votes and this time he only needs a handful, literally. Land five votes from the 8-member Board of Regents and he’s in—and by the way he opens his bid with strong ties to at least four board members.

He’s worked for one, appointed two, and endorsed another:

  • In the ’80′s Heineman was chief of staff to then-Congressman Hal Daub.
  • In 2013 Heineman appointed Rob Schafer to the board; likewise Bob Phares in 2006 noting in Phares he “could not have asked for a more capable, qualified person.”
  • In 2008 the governor gave his blessing to Tim Clare.

KFAB radio in Omaha has asked Nebraska Watchdog’s Joe Jordan to weigh-in (see video below) on the governor’s next venture, beginning with Heineman’s bumpy roll-out.

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