GOP rival’s poll finds Rep. Terry struggling


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

It is likely to come under the heading, “Who do you trust?”

“It” is a new poll that finds Congressman Lee Terry struggling to survive next month’s GOP primary.

The automated poll—keep in mind that automated “robo” calls are generally considered less reliable than a live questioner—has been released by Terry’s Republican rival Dan Frei.

And even though Frei is trailing Terry by 14 points, Team Frei is beaming.

Why? Because, according to the survey, the eight-term Congressman is well below the all-important 50 percent mark with plenty of voters still undecided. Here’s the numbers:

Lee Terry: 40%

Dan Frei: 26%

Undecided: 34%

The poll, which was held April 7-8 targeting 599 “likely” primary voters, also asked those undecided folks which way they were leaning. Here’s those numbers:

Lee Terry: 47%

Dan Frei: 36%

Undecided: 17%

According to Frei’s spokesman, Scott Petersen, once voters get to know Frie, Frei wins.

Of course Frei’s campaign is notoriously underfunded. As of last report Terry had over $800,000, Frei $6,000. All of which begs this question for Team Frei:

Nebraska Watchdog: How do you get your name ID up, and get voters to know Dan Frei, without any money?

Scott Petersen: By being very creative.

Nebraska Watchdog: Meaning what?

Scott Petersen: Trying to get on the radio, on line, a lot of door-to-door.

Team Terry is not commenting on the poll.

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