GOP loses latest fight over ‘winner take all’


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Nebraska Democrats haven’t chalked up a lot of wins lately but picked one up Wednesday (today).

The GOP’s attempt to rearrange the state’s presidential votes in the Electoral College—going back to what’s known as “winner take all”— is all but dead for at least another year.

2008 Electoral Vote

Each of Nebraska’s five electoral votes once went to the presidential candidate who won the state’s popular vote—hence winner take all.

But that game ended in the early ’90′s when Democrats managed to divvy up the state’s five votes: Two going to the candidate who wins the state, one to the winner in each of the three congressional districts.

Republicans have been itching to go back to the future since 2008, when Democrat Barack Obama claimed one of the five votes by winning the Omaha-dominated 2nd District.

In the face of an ongoing, apparently unbeatable, filibuster by State Sen. Ernie Chambers, the bill (LB382) reinstating winner take all has been pulled by Sen. Charlie Janssen.

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