GOP chief calls on Democrat Ashford to resign from Legislature


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Stunt or ???

Three weeks until Election Day the head of the Nebraska Republican Party is calling on State Sen. Brad Ashford, Omaha’s Democratic candidate for Congress, to resign from the Nebraska Legislature.

Sen. Brad Ashford

It’s the latest salvo in a series of GOP attacks accusing Ashford of being soft on crime.

For days Ashford’s been accused of backing the state’s controversial “good time” law putting dangerous criminals back on the street.

Today GOP Chairman J.L. Spray added another wrinkle, blaming Ashford for ignoring moves aimed at implementing the state’s stalled death penalty.

Ashford’s campaign manager, Kurt Gonska, tells Nebraska Watchdog, “If anyone should resign it’s Lee Terry who literally didn’t do his job last year because he actually shut down the government.”

Win or lose next month’s House race against Terry—an 8-term GOP incumbent—Ashford is out of the Legislature come January.

So is Spray’s call for Ashford to get out now good policy or bad politics?

Nebraska Watchdog’s Joe Jordan (see video below) went to the source.

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