Going postal: USPS IG finds sex on the job, stalkers and slashed tires


By Michael Conger | The Washington Examiner

Letter carriers stalking customers and postal employees getting personal in the back room while on duty were among the stranger incidents involving U.S. Postal Service employees in recent years, according to the agency’s inspector general.

The USPS IG investigated multiple assault cases last year, which were released to the Washington Examiner through a Freedom of Information Act request. Personal information was redacted from the reports.

In perhaps the strangest case, a mail carrier in Maine became overly friendly with a female customer, showing her a photo of himself dressed as a woman and asking whether she liked men dressed in drag.

Shortly after the conversation, the married letter carrier called and asked her on a date, which she refused.

A few days later, he delivered the mail to her door instead of her mailbox and tried to kiss her, according to the report. This happened two more times before the customer stopped answering her door.

When the carrier wouldn’t leave her alone, the customer reported him. He hired an attorney, refused to talk to the IG, and the case was referred to the Postal Service for administrative action. The records made public are unclear as to the final outcome of the case.

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