Gina McCarthy answers Reddit with platitudes and pop culture


By Andrew Collins |

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy went on Reddit Tuesday night for an AMA to talk about the EPA’s new plan to reduce CO2 emissions:

Hey Everyone, I’m taking questions on the Clean Power Plan on @Reddit TODAY @6PM ET. Ask Me Anything! #ActOnClimate

— Gina McCarthy (@GinaEPA) June 3, 2014

At, we’re all in favor of government officials interacting personally with the public, but in this particular case there was a problem. Most of McCarthy’s answers, as Redditors astutely observed, weren’t actually answers in the sense that everyone except politicians understands — unless we’re talking about rap music.

We only know what we know, ya know?

Not. A. Single. One.

McCarthy AMA 3

Take evasive action!

McCarthy AMA 5

Finally, a serious debate of the issues, but even here she didn’t directly answer the question. Pathological, no?

McCarthy AMA 6a

We are not buying the idealism.

McCarthy AMA 10

There was no follow up comment in response JJMcA, despite his respect.

McCarthy AMA 12

Wow, a fun softball question! I think I’ll punt to another agency.

McCarthy AMA 14

It’s good to know our nation’s EPA administrator has soul.

McCarthy AMA 15

All daisies and roses up there in the bureaucracy, is it?

The internet thanks you, Gina McCarthy, for telling us absolutely nothing about the EPA that we didn’t already know.

You may now return to saving the world.