Freedom Foundation sues WA county auditor over misleading voter pamphlet

By Trent England | Freedom Foundation

Should voters have an opportunity to hear both sides of an issue before casting a ballot? Of course they should.

Both state law and common sense tell us that the voters’ pamphlet should present both sides if at all possible. Yet county auditors do not always live up to this obligation. When this happens, voters are asked to decide important issues—measures changing property tax rates or issuing millions of dollars in public debt—with incomplete information.

There is a practical solution to better inform the public. In December, Freedom Foundation sent a letter to each of Washington State’s 39 county auditors. The offer was simple: if you cannot find someone to write a statement (on either side of any issue), contact Freedom Foundation and we will alert our members of the opportunity to participate in this important public process and debate.

A number of auditors contacted Freedom Foundation. The result? More voters heard both sides because of the Freedom Foundation’s proactive efforts to connect county auditors with citizens.

Unfortunately, Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall never responded to the Freedom Foundation’s letter.

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