Fraternal Order of Police Oppose Marsy’s Law, Says It Will ‘Hamper Criminal Investigations’


The number of North Dakota groups from all sides of the criminal justice system opposing Marsy’s Law – the pet project of California billionaire Henry Nicholas who is also the source of all the measure campaign’s finances – continues to grow.

The list includes the North Dakota Victim’s Assistance AssociationCAWS North Dakota, the North Dakota Women’s Network, the North Dakota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the North Dakota State’s Attorneys’ Association, the North Dakota Trial Lawyers, and the First Nations Womens Alliance.

Now the North Dakota Fraternal Order of Police say they want to see the measure defeated.

You can read the full release below, but their major gripe is that the provisions of the measure would “hamper criminal investigations.”

The pertinent excerpt:


To be fair to the Marsy’s Law supporters, they do have a law enforcement group on their side as well. North Dakota Sheriffs & Deputies Association endorsed the measure back in February, though that endorsement doesn’t include all of the state’s sheriffs.

“I am concerned about the public announcements recently that all sheriffs in North Dakota support the Marsy’s Law measure,” Mercer County Sheriff Dean Danzeisen wrote in an email to the state’s other sheriffs after the endorsement was announced (PDF). “I know those claims aren’t true because I don’t support it, and I have talked to other sheriffs that either haven’t heard a thing about this, or oppose it.”

Danzeisen didn’t respond to a request for comment made at the time.

Here’s the the full press release from the FOP:

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