Five Dallas-area schools install Ebola fever scanners


SCHOOLS ON ALERT: Students in five Dallas schools are dealing with the real-world effects of Ebola.

By Josh Kaib | Watchdog Wire

As many across the nation express concern about an Ebola outbreak, students in five Dallas schools are dealing with the real-world effects of Ebola in America.

On Monday and Tuesday, their schools installed fever scanners at nurse stations to help diagnose students with Ebola.

Though officials don’t expect an outbreak in the schools, the scanners allow a nurse to take a student’s temperature without having to touch them, reducing the risk of spreading the infection.

Breitbart Texas reported on the situation:

Breitbart Texas learned from district spokesman Andre Riley that scanners were already tested at Lowe Elementary, the connecting Tasby Middle School, and Conrad High on Monday, October 6th. Rogers and Hotchkiss elementary schools will be installed on Tuesday, October 7th.

CBS DFW reported that the fever-screening devices were set up in the school nursing stations to find fevers in any children who show signs of illness. The scanners are on loan to the district from Dallas-based Wello Inc. and they will allow nurses to screen students for fevers without touching them, also eliminating the risk of spreading illness or disease.

Riley told Breitbart Texas that Wello came to offer their help. They were concerned as citizens over the situation. As a local company they were able to help with their product WelloStation, that measures body temperature.

According to an anonymous spokeswoman, “”This is another layer of precaution for us to be proactive beyond online communications.” It is unclear why the “spokeswoman” had to remain anonymous. She added that “none of our kids have the virus, we are taking measures to stay in front and monitor at a higher level.”

The Wellostation devices will remain in the schools for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, the five students who had contact with the now-deceased Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan will remain quarantined at home until the 21-day incubation period has passed.

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