FBI crime stats: NM worst in the nation in burglaries, 48th in rape


IT’S CRIMINAL: New Mexico finished badly in a state-by-state ranking of crime statistics.

By Rob Nikolewski │ New Mexico Watchdog

SANTA FE, N.M. – Another national ranking, another abysmal finish for New Mexico. This time, it’s a crime.

In a state-by-state comparison of FBI crime statistics released Thursday, New Mexico finished worst in the nation in burglary, 48th in forcible rape and 47th in each of the following categories: violent crime, aggravated assault and property crimes.

In fact, New Mexico finished in the bottom half of the states in all nine of the categories listed by the website CriminalJusticeDegreeHub.com, which compiled the numbers.

The site ranked all 50 states in crime categories and produced an interactive graphic allowing viewers to look at each state how it ranks, according to such as murder, forcible rape, auto theft, robberies, assault and more.

“It surprises me but on the other hand it doesn’t,” said Rep. Paul Pacheco, R-Rio Rancho, a retired police officer. “Two major drug arteries run right through Albuquerque. You’ve got I-40 and I-25 … The vast majority of drugs either go through New Mexico or over New Mexico. That’s a problem.”

Other states on the southern border fared badly, although not as poorly as New Mexico.

Texas finished 35th in burglary, 33rd in violent crime and 29th in forcible rape. Arizona finished 39th in burglary, 36th in violent crime and 38th in forcible rape. California finished 29th in burglary, 35th in violent crime but finished with seventh-lowest for forcible rape.

“For property crimes, a good majority of the time, those property offenders become violent offenders,” Pacheco said. “And the chances of violent crime happening with (property crimes) is always there because these individuals are breaking into homes and a lot of times people are there inside their residences. There’s always a potential for violence.”

Here is the interactive graphic from CriminalJusticeDegreeHub.com, called “The Criminal States of America”:

Produced By Criminal Justice Degree Hub

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