Email Says Trump Set to Visit Fargo in June


t4.4.16 Bob King -- kingTRUMP0406c1 -- Donald Trump speaks to the crowd in a hangar at the Bong Airport Monday afternoon. Trump spoke for just under an hour and covered foreign trade, NATO, immigration and jobs among other topics. Bob King /

According to an email which is landing in inboxes now, President Donald Trump is expected to visit North Dakota some time in June.

Problem is the email, which came from the Trump campaign, identifies two different dates for the visit:

I’m working on finding out more and I’ll update this post as I learn it.

UPDATE: I spoke to Cramer campaign manager Pat Finken who confirmed the visit is on the 27th. He said he expects the Trump campaign to issue a correction shortly.

Previously, after reports that Trump would be visiting both Minnesota and North Dakota appeared in theĀ New York Times, the Trump campaign announced only a Minnesota visit. It sure looked like a snub, and a tough one given how hard Democrats were pushing to align Democratic incumbent Heidi Heitkamp as Trump-friendly, but the Cramer said it was a scheduling problem with the dates in June.

So I guess either the snub was unsnubbed or the scheduling issues got worked out.